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CC-750 West Coast – 1 Pint Sample

This color is part of the Designer Classics Collection. Comfortable colors that can be chosen with confidence. The Designer Classics palette features 231 tried-and-true colors – timeless beauty you can integrate into a variety of design styles and decors. A perennial favorite of both discerning consumers and professional designers alike, …

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Surprising Planting Pairings

Phormium ‘Amazing Red,’ silver puya, blue fescue, and threadleaf nandina add geometric contrast to the fluid movement of Baumann’s wave wall. ‘Ebb Tide’ rose and catmint soften the overall look.

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Red Mustard Seed | Simple Circle Necklace – Gold

Hope • Growth • Strength As a symbol represented in various religions worldwide, the mustard seed starts small and blooms prodigiously. Credited with improving cardiovascular health, mustard seed promotes the wellness of the heart not only physically, but spiritually in the form of hope, perseverance, and faith. Able to grow …

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